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hCG Weight Loss Atlanta
6667 Vernon Woods Dr. Ste B-40
Sandy SpringsGA 30328
 (404) 968-9642

Reviews Of hCG Weight Loss Atlanta

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Kimberly Tidwell
Jan 26, 2016

I highly recommend HCG Weight Loss Atlanta! My husband has lost 34 pounds in 34 days and I have lost 21 in the same time period. We both surpassed our initial goals! I have tried multiple weight loss programs and never had success like this! The support you receive is top notch- I believe the support along with daily online logins (very simple) enable you to reach your goals. The staff is super friendly, responsive and seem to really care about you! I cannot say enough good things about this program. (I had tried an online version of HCG in the past and it was a total waste of money). Go for it! You will not regret it! It is worth every penny!!

Loretta McIntyre
Oct 04, 2017

Good Morning, How is everyone this morning! I called HGC Weight Loss on Saturday July 29th because I needed to make a change health wise and mentally because on July 23rd I had given my husband a surprise 55th birthday dinner and invited a few family and friends to a restaurant and during the dinner and after the dinner there were picture taking and video taping and I really didn't want to take photos and this is my husband dinner..SAD RIGHT? I had been discussing with my God mother since last year about an HGC doctor near my office that she knew that was running a special but never followed through and at the dinner she and I discussed it again. I said I would give her a week to get me through to the doctor who would give me a discount because the last time I did an HCG program was 2012 and it was very expensive. I lost weight but didn't do the maintenance and never returned . Anyway so most of the week I kept searching the internet for HCG programs near me and other weight loss programs Friday, July 28th I started searching the internet but I kept going back to HCG Weight Loss Atlanta so on Friday the 28th I called the Vinings Location and as soon as I heard the voice on the other end of the phone say "THANK YOU FOR CALLING HGC WEIGHT LOSS ATLANTA THIS IS CAROL" I knew I had found the right place just from Ms Carol's voice. After speaking with Ms Carol I felt really welcomed over the phone and also knowing that she had done the program helped as well. I weighed myself the morning of the 29th and I was 216...WOW...I had no Idea I had gotten that far past 200. I said to myself "you are not gonna cry". I went to my appt on the Saturday the 29th at 10am and Ms Carol personality matched her voice on the phone. I felt like I had known her for years. I felt sooo motivated when I left the office with all my products that I needed to be successful on this life changing journey. Then when Jeff called me the next day on a Sunday about my blood work it was affirmation for me that I was at the right place because I knew that this was a facility that was engaged with their clients. It's just been AMAZING!! I finally got to speak with Tabitha and when I finally met Tabitha I was basically asking how Jeff have assembled such a GREAT staff like this. Ms Carol always will email me back and call me to make sure I am good and staying focused and will help to motivate me. I was surprised that one Saturday after hours I called and Jeff answered the phone because he said the office phone was transferred to his cell that particular day so that if anyone needed them they could e there. That's amazing!!. Ms Carol would email me when I don't even ask her to because she would read my notes when I log in and just send a note to me letting me know I am doing SOOOO GOOD AND SO AWESOME and to push forward even when I was hitting a plateau!! Tabitha would give me such great advice when I call the office and just talk with me for a long time as well and has an infectious personality and sooooo positive. Ms Carol is MY SPECIAL ANGEL because I have never met anyone in the care giver field so bubbly, so caring and so real that you immediately know she care and don't have to guess!! Everyone at HCG Weight Loss Atlanta is the BEST!! Just the fact that you are accountable because you have to log in everyday so that they can keep track of what you are doing and if you forget or just get busy the email will pop up at 12pm to remind you...I LOVE IT!! They never seem to busy to talk to you and make sure you are good and staying on track. HCG WEIGHT LOSS ATLANTA IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND I AM GLAD I FOUND THEM. OH I FORGOT TO MENTION I HAVE LOSS 31 POUNDS SO FAR!!! The other great news is that when Jeff initially called about my blood work it wasn't good my cholesterol was really high my glucose level was high but Jeff said lets wait until after you get to the maintenance phase and test again and i am sure it will come down and YAAAAY GREAT NEWS... Sept 25th Jeff Called me again and MY Cholesterol dropped 40 points and my A1C glucose level is GREAT!!!!!!! I COULD GO ON AND ON!!! I LOVE HCG WEIGHT LOSS ATLANTA!!! I WOULD REFER THEM TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO LOSE WEIGHT THE RIGHT WAY. I am waiting for the maintenance phase to end so that I can continue the program so that I can meet my goal this time. NOTHING CAN STOP WITH HCG WEIGHT LOSS ATLANTA STAFF IN MY CORNER!!!

Ro Circle
Oct 05, 2016

These group of people were so helpful and informative... I absolutely love this place

Carissa Bernard
Oct 05, 2016

Jeff and his team are phenomenal! They monitor your progress and check in constantly to see how things are going and they do everything they can to make sure you are succeeding with your plan! If I could give them more than five stars, I would. I highly reccomend Jeff and his team to help you achevie your weight loss goals. I will definitely be a returning client. Keep up the good work!! :)

Wendy Eley Jackson
Sep 27, 2016

I have lost over 20 pounds and I still have another 2 weeks left in my 43 day program!

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